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We make your ticketing experience easy.

Ticketing​ for all events that take place in the Loos Center for the Arts, whether presented by The Woodstock Academy or by 3rd party presenter, promoter, or rental, will be sold and processed solely through Loos Center for the Arts's ticketing partner. 

Sorry, our ticketing page is only available on devices with larger screen resolutions.

A small fee is assessed per ticket to cover Box Office expenses and ticketing system licensing. When signing off on your contract, an option for "Ticketing Services Buyout" is available to select, which replaces the per-ticket fee with a one-time buyout.

Once your agreement with Loos Center for the Arts is fully executed, a custom link will be generated for you to place on your website (if applicable) as well as distribute through other marketing tools you may choose to use to generate ticket sales.

More information regarding the ticketing process (including ticketing fees) will be provided within the Rentee's Facility Rental contract and during the conversations leading up to your event.

Hosting an event at Loos Center for the Arts?
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